Trevor Bickford A Teenager Accused of a Machete Attack on NYPD Officers

Trevor Bickford, a 19-year-old resident of Wells, Maine, is accused of carrying out the New Year’s Eve 2022 machete attack on two New York Police Department officers.  After being shot by police, he is charged with assault and attempted murder. Prosecutors claim that he came to the city with the purpose of killing people and engaging in jihad. This article delves into the life and career of Trevor Bickford, highlighting his journey towards success and his significant contributions to the entertainment world.

The Attack

The authorities said that Bickford arrived at a security checkpoint near Times Square on December 31, 2022, shortly after 10 p.m. He dropped his bag on the street and collected other bags that people had left to enter the area. He took out a machete and struck one officer with the handle and another officer with the blade in the head. Then, he swung the blade at a third officer, who shot him in the shoulder. He tried to grab a gun from an officer, but he failed.

The three officers who were injured went to the hospital and got out in good condition. Meanwhile, Bickford also went to a hospital, where he was detained and charged. His backpack contained a diary. The diary had a last will and testament and instructions for his burial. Besides, the diary also expressed bad things about the government and good things about Israel’s enemies.

The Reason

Authorities say that Bickford attacked the police officer after yelling “Allahu Akbar” and that he came to New York “to kill people and carry out jihad.” He reportedly added that all public servants were his targets because they “cannot be proper Muslims because the United States government supports Israel.”

Bickford’s actions shock and infuriate his family and friends, who say that he was not religious or radicalized. They portray him as a quiet, well-mannered teen who enjoyed playing video games and working at a golf course. They do not know what brought him to New York or what triggered his violent behavior.

The Charges

Bickford attended his arraignment on January 4, 2023, via video feed from his hospital bed at Bellevue Hospital.  He was formally accused of three counts of first-degree attempted murder, one count of assault, two counts of attempted assault in the first degree, and three counts of assault in the second degree. Without being granted bail, he was returned to custody.

The Legal Aid Society, which is representing Bickford, declared that the man is “presumed innocent” and that it will thoroughly review and investigate the case. If found guilty of the most serious charge, he could spend the rest of his life in prison.

What Happened on New Year’s Eve?

On December 31, 2022, around 10 p.m., Trevor Bickford, a 19-year-old from Wells, Maine, allegedly attacked three New York Police Department officers with a machete near a security checkpoint outside Times Square, where thousands of people were gathered to celebrate the new year. According to authorities, Bickford pulled out the weapon and struck one officer with the blade and another officer in the head with the handle. He then swung the blade at a third officer, who shot Bickford in the shoulder. The injured officers were hospitalized in stable condition and have been released.

What Motivated the Attack?

Prosecutors say that Bickford traveled to New York City “in order to kill people and carry out jihad”. They say that he admitted that he said “(Allahu) Akbar” before he walked up and hit the officer over the head with the machete. He also allegedly said that all government officials were his target because, in his mind, they “cannot be proper Muslims because the United States government supports Israel”. Bickford left his backpack on the street. It was in a pile with other backpacks that people had left to enter security checkpoints around Times Square. A diary was in his backpack. The diary had a last will and testament at the end. It was dated December 31. It started with, “This will likely be my last entry.” It also had instructions on how to share the author’s belongings with his family and how to bury him.

What Are the Charges Against Him?

Bickford faces many charges for his attack. He has three charges of trying to kill an officer and one charge of hurting an officer badly. In addition, he has two charges of trying to hurt an officer badly and three charges of hurting an officer. He went to the hospital for his gunshot wound. He talked to the judge on a video call from his hospital bed. The judge ordered him back to jail. He did not admit or deny his guilt. His lawyer claimed he is not guilty until proven otherwise. His lawyer also argued that he should be free until his trial.

How Did the Public React?

Many people were shocked and angry by the attack. It happened on New Year’s Eve near Times Square. Many people were there to have fun or watch the show. The mayor said it was a terror attack. He praised the officers for their courage and skill. He also asked for more money and help from the federal government to stop terror and hate. The police chief said the attack showed how risky the officers’ job is. He thanked them for their quick and brave actions. Many people on social media said nice things about the officers. 


Trevor Bickford is a young man from a small town in Maine. He is accused of a bad attack on New Year’s Eve. He used a big knife to hurt police officers near Times Square. People want to know why he did it. They think he became an extremist who wanted to kill for his religion. Besides, they also wonder about his mental health. He lost his father in 2018. He faces many charges for his attack. Moreover, he could face more charges from the federal government. Meanwhile, the police officers he hurt are getting better. His family and neighbours are shocked and saddened by what he did. Furthermore, the attack also made people worry about the safety of the city during big events like New Year’s Eve.


Q1: Who is Trevor Bickford?

Trevor Bickford, a 19-year-old man from Wells, Maine, used a machete to attack NYPD officers on New Year’s Eve 2022, near Times Square. He faces charges for his attack.

Q2: What prompted the assault?

The prosecution said that Bickford came to New York City “to kill people and carry out jihad.” He also said that he yelled “Allahu Akbar” before he hit the police officer in the head with the machete and that he wanted to attack every government official because they “cannot be proper Muslims because the United States government supports Israel.”

Q3: What claims have been made against him?

They accuse Bickford of trying to kill an officer three times, hurting an officer badly once, trying to hurt an officer badly twice, and hurting an officer three times. He might face more charges from the federal government for terror-related crimes as part of the investigation.

Q4: What is the state of his mental health?

It is unclear right now how Bickford’s mental state is doing. In court, his attorney has not questioned his client’s competency or mental health. However, some sources have speculated that, following the passing of his father in 2018, he might have been experiencing trauma or psychological issues.

Q5: How did the general public respond?

The public’s response was one of shock, outrage, support, and appreciation. Many people vented their anger at the suspect and their sympathy for the officers. Others questioned the security measures in place to stop incidents like this and how he was able to enter the city with a machete.

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